Jack Ratcliffe

is a New Media artist whose work focuses on the playful interaction between humans and technology

Jack's most notable works includes Teletortoise, in which anonymous internet users were able to remotely feed, water and illuminate his pet turtles, and Teasmate, where participants were challenged to make cups of tea by controlling a robotic arm.

Jack is an alumnus of Goldsmiths College, University of London (Distinction, Computational Arts MA).

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Let’s all move to Internet Time (sorry Sumatra’s 24-hour system) Pay to Win @ I gazed into the blackest black ever created – and it didn’t gaze back, because it’s inanimate. Great post about how computer game AI works I love terrible robots


24/08/2016: Interfaces Monthly: August w/ Barbican, The Trampery 29/11/2015: MMII @ EXHIBI[4]TIONS, Richmix (London) 18/10/2015: MMI @ CHart 2015, London 03/10/2015: MMI @ Art Licks Weekend, Hotel Elephant (London)

Academic Publications

Anti-Social Media in Maragiannis, A. (Ed.) Final Paper /Proceedings of the Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts conference, DRHA2014, London
Man Machine (MMII)
Growing Panes
Hot ‘n’ Horny
People of the Internet
Anti-Social Media
Alone Together
Pagophilus, or “the Virtual Guilt Machine”